Six simple House rules
A simple guide to a successful holiday experience.


Confirm check-in times & key exchange after booking. Contact LsAdriatic within 24 hours of arrival if you encounter something unexpected.

Be neighbourly

Be respectful of your surroundings, and the neighbours next door.


Your reservation is confirmed for a set number of people. Check with your host before inviting additional visitors.

Respect the space

Treat the dwelling as if it were your own home. Whether it is an entire apartment or private room, be considerate & respectful.


Should any problems arise during your stay, immediately notify your host so they have a chance to correct it. They aren't psychic (most of them).


Leave feedback for your host. They appreciate it and so do we!

Guest has the right to freely use the apartment and all equipment and rooms inventory and installation carefully and dutifully as responsible master. 
Guest is not allowed to: 
• Leave appliances, air-conditioning and other electrical equipment on while leaving the suite. Also all doors should be closed before leaving, or ensured against draft. 
• Bring in flammable or explosive materials or materials with strong and unpleasant odours. Bring in domestic or wild animals. 
• Smoke in the suite, except outside area or by agreement with lessor on arrival
• Bring in persons not registered as guests, to stay in the suite, stay overnight or sleep. 
• Take any objects, inventory or appliances out of the suite; this especially refers to use of towels on the beach. 
• Move the arrangement of furniture in the suite. 
• Disturb peace between 2pm-5pm and 11pm-7am, or make loud noise by use of radio sets, television or other appliances or musical instruments. 
Guest agrees to: 
• Pay for the services on arrival. 
• Leave the suite on the last day by 11am if guest don’t have other arrangements with lessor. 
• Let know at lessor on arrival at what time is checking out from apartment for returning keys. 
• If lessor require, on the first day of stay pay the host 100 EUR against any damages in the suite that might be caused by guest's carelessness. During check-out the full amount will be refunded to guest if the suite is in order. 

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