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A cozy restaurant featuring the finest and freshest flavors made from ingredients from local producers.
Konoba Moskar is popular restaurant in Dubrovnik that serves also a vegetarian food.
Fantastic food, ambience and staff and all very reasonably priced.
As delicate and sensitive as the Mimosa flower, the restaurant’s hospitality and culinary excellence promises satisfaction.
Light Lunch - Live music each Wednesday and Friday
Homemade food in old town
Paradise of delicates.
The cove of Kobas, with a sandy beach and its own marina, is becoming more and more popular among yachting enthusiasts.
Restaurant rested in Luka Šipanska, on the island of Šipan. The place totally gives you relaxed Dalmatian vibes, and is definitely the best choice when visiting this beautiful Elaphite island.

The story of wine begins in the vineyards of the Mediterranean,...

This is a highly prized and unusual dish. If you are looking for a recipe to impress seafood-loving guests, this is definitely one to try.
Who has not tried fritaja with wild asparagus, has not met Croatia in spring. Asparagus will remind you with its slightly bitter taste of macchia, rocks, pines, the smell of the sea and aromatic plants.
Type of cod is a fish which is caught in the cold waters of Norway, where it is also dried. Then imported into Croatia, where it is prepared in different ways, of which one is white dried cod.
Another authentic treat from the Dubrovnik region is kotonjata, a sweet delight that is made from quince. At Dubrovnik you can taste it at Gradska Kavana
The best brodetto is made using an assortment of fish, e.g. rock fish, dent fish, sea bass, John Dory, conger eel and tuna. Serve the brodetto with polenta.
Authentic dishes, which are mentioned in historical writings still 1480th The Konavoska green menestra..
First thing that comes to mind when we mention the food of Dubrovnik is a typical sweet dish from this area, called rozata
These traditional sweet delicacies are still made according to our grandmothers traditional recipes.
Perhaps the most famous and original gastronomic specialty of the island is a cake that is out of the island known as the surplus pie.
This is also one of the recipes mentioned by Croatian renaissance writer Nikola Naljeskovic. This is supposed to be original Dubrovnik recipe fron 16 century.
An excellent dish to be tasted, with potatoes, carrots, peppers and onions ...
Taste this Dubrovnik dish typical of winter and great festivities which the Dubrovnik aristocrats prepared on St Blaise Day.
Croatian doughnuts Flavored with Brandy and Lemon
This recipe is also mentioned in famous Croatian renaissance comedy “Dundo Maroje” by Marin Drzic. You can find it in well known Pomet monologue about food.
It's a big mess to eat, but Skampi Buzaru (Scampi Buzara or buzzara) is the best way to experience tasty Adriatic prawns. Serve it with polenta.
Though Dalmatia is best known for its seafood, one cannot omit this dish from a list of traditional Dalmatian specialties.
Ston traditional recipe is attractive because of the unusual application of the pasta filling. If you have not already, be sure to try ...

This is a famous Croatian appetizer from the Zagorje region. It is quite satisfying and filling so don't eat too much, unless of course you are serving it as a main dish.
Medjimurian layer cake is a type of gibanica or layer cake originating from Međimurje County, Croatia. It is made with four fillings: a cheese, poppyseed, apple, and nut filling. It is popular in Northern Croatia.
Cabbage rolls are part of the traditional cuisine of many Central European regions and during winter times loved also in Dalmatia region
Sweet dark plums are wrapped in a potato dough, and boiled before rolling in sweetened toasted bread crumbs. These take some time to make they're well worth the effort.
This is a very easy and economical recipe to make. It is served in small thin slices, as it is very rich!

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