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'Imagine the cities where centuries old traditions are alive today'
Culture Club Revelin located in Fort Revelin the eastern entrance to the town of Dubrovnik.
is a clubbing scene integrated in the programmes of Art Workshop Lazareti as a part of its independent centre of cultural production. It is situated in the historical quarantine houses of Dubrovnik, stretching east of the Old City, divided in compartments for music and theatre production, workshops, art gallery…
A stage open to the stars and the unique Dubrovnik made of stones and light
For 40 – years the folklore ensamble Linđo has been a living part of Dubrovnik, - the city of stone, sunshine, art, history, tradition and beauty.
The imposing Sokol grad fort built at the foot of the stone cliffs that rise above the Dunave in Konavle, opened its doors on April 1st after five years of intensive restoration by the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques.
Dubrovnik's weather is classified as Mediterranean, which is why it is such a popular destination for travelers
After receiving a permanent place in the Cultural History Museum, Dubrovnik’s two most famous bell strikers are now available to buy in souvenir form at the Rector’s Palace (Knezev dvor).

For five centuries of Dubrovnik statehood , the Dubrovnik Statute was the foundation of the legal system and a powerful symbol of Dubrovnik’s collective identity and statehood.
The words «Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro» - «Freedom is not to be sold, not for all the gold of the world» were inscribed long ago during the times of the Dubrovnik Republic ...
With its exquisite architecture, rich heritage and history preserved in every stone,...
A decree made by the government of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1546 allowed Jews to settle within the city ramparts.

During your stay in Dubrovnik we recommend you the public bus transport.

Oysters are fullest and most delicious in March, when St Joseph's Day is celebrated. Gastro experts claim that oysters are best served freshly opened with some lemon juice.
Marin Držić also Marino Darza or Marino Darsa; 1508-1567 is considered the finest Croatian Renaissance playwright and prose writer.

A Powerful Intellect and an Astute Intuition

The greatest painter that Dubrovnik (and arguably Croatia) has ever produced is unquestionably Vlaho Bukovac, the Cavtat inkeeper’s son who went on to become artistic hot property in Paris, London and Prague.
The Aristocrat of Croatian Literature

When the first theatre performances in Dubrovnik are concerned...

One can learn about Dubrovniks and Croatias visual art visiting numerous small galleries
Be°C is a workshop specialized in glass and ceramics
"When you enter into the ground Lokrum enter into the very secret. You feel white noise to a whisper of a lover who ever, just from that point on, watching the stars, rustling silk and the noise of wings, the sound tracks and the long murmur of Latin prayers as well as to hear them now! from the Monastery, a Benedictine. FCA Luko Paljetak
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